Leofoto Tripod LN-324C · Ball head LH-40 | Review

12 days I had time to test this combination of Leofoto extensively in Death Valley / USA.
Challenges to the equipment here were strong winds, sand and salt. Soon another report from the Azores follows. Then the focus will be the load of beach / sand and salt water.


The tripod is - which is rare - delivered with a matching and very nice bag. The delivery also includes a ball adapter for video, matching tools and spikes.
The ball head is enclosed with a matching bag for protection. I find it very pleasant that the tripod with mounted ball head and the bag easily fits into the tripod bag.
With 2.25 kg, the tripod is very stable - even in strong winds.
The folding size of 45 cm in combination with the weight make the LN-324C in my eyes a compact and relatively light travel tripod.

Scope of delivery (video adapter not shown)

Tripod LN-324C | Ball head LH-40 with tripod bag

The legs with sturdy screw caps can be set in angles of 85, 55 and 25 degrees. The latter is, as no center column available, almost ground level, which was very important to me. Very interesting is the one-piece design inside the legs. So there are no more platelets or rings. If necessary, the leg and thread are simply cleaned with water and reassembled. There are no more items that need to be cleaned. After a sandstorm in Death Valley, I rinsed the threads once with water and then everything was like new.
The knobs on the threads are very stable and easy to operate. A feeling of overriding does not arise.

Tripod LN-324C · general information

One-piece design of the individual leg segments

The ball head is slightly but sturdy processed with 0.54 kg.
Made of black anodized aircraft aluminum with built-in spirit level. Grippy buttons make it easy to smoothly but always adjust the friction. The control helps a scale.

A horizontal rotation of 360° is possible and equal two notches on the ball base allow the vertical inclination of the ball (40 mm diameter) up to 90°. The head is resilient up to 20 kg.
The low center of gravity reduces unwanted vibrations. Even with the telephoto lens attached, shooting in mid-wind was very possible. Camera plate = Arca-Swiss.
The only thing that bothers me a bit is that the locking screw for the ball is quite small. On the right side are 2 buttons of the same size, 1 for the ball and 1 for the panorama function. But the complicated handling is due to my big hands and my long fingers. Leofoto can not do anything for :)

My conclusion

The combination of LN-324C and LH-40 is ideal for a moderately heavy photographic equipment while traveling by plane. Even with stronger wind I had no bad feeling.

Wide-angle photography is easily possible even in adverse conditions. With a big telephoto lens, of course, oscillations will eventually start, but that too was in the frame.
Everything is super stable, who wants to complain the tripod, under the plate is a hook available. Cleaning is, as far as I can tell so far, super easy.
Overall, you have VERY valuable material in your hand and working with it is really fun. Support and contact to Leofoto is also very pleasant.



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Leofoto tripod LN-324C | Ball head LH-40 im in the field

Leofoto tripod LN-324C | Ball head LH-40 im in the field

In Death Valley / USA with Leofoto (photographed during a sandstorm at 400 mm). The tripod remained stable.