Haida Red Diamond Medium GND 0.9 | Review

As a proud brand ambassador for Haida Filters, I was one of the first to extensively test the medium filter from the new Red Diamond series in Germany and Iceland.

In general, landscape photography often has the problem that neither a soft nor a hard gradient filter is perfect for a situation. The soft filter is not strong enough and / or the border of the hard filter is too dominant in the picture. Especially in the latter case, a complex image editing is often necessary later. The Haida Red Diamond Medium GND Filter is specifically designed to darken the sky, especially when objects such as buildings, mountains or trees extend beyond the horizon. Due to the special "middle" soft area, you can not see any annoying line or transition in the finished image. If you see the filter transition - depending on the subject - but something in the picture, it is so light that it can be corrected very quickly in Lightroom or Photoshop.

The filters of the new Red Diamond series are made of high quality. There is no loss of sharpness and the filter can be combined as desired with e.g. ND, polarization or other gray gradient filters. Depending on what you shoot, you can shoot the perfect photo without having to rework much later.

Haida Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9)

Haida Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9) with Haida holder

In comparison with NiSi's medium filter, I find that the gradient of the Haida filter is a bit narrower. This gradient zone is quite sufficient and does not darken downwards unnecessarily many image areas. Also, the slightly too warm color cast of NiSi filters at Haida does not exist.

Cleaning the Red Diamond filters, even in extreme conditions, even surprised me.
I had already worked with other well-tempered filters that are relatively easy to clean. But rain, recordings on waterfalls, salt water - anything as a typical spray can be easily removed with a few wipers with a normal microfiber cloth. There is no typical streaking when wiping / cleaning. So you can continue working quickly. For a detailed cleaning there is a cleaning kit from Haida.

I would particularly like to emphasize the stability of the new filter series. Everyone has already seen the drop test in a variety of videos. Here again the video of the Photokina by Raik Krotofil. I have already dropped mine on purpose a few times and it is still in my filter bag. Of course we are talking about glass and you have to take care e.g. in the mountains or on rocky shores.

The scratch resistance is also remarkable. Everyone who works with glass filters knows how quickly you can get a scratch into an expensive graduated filter. At the request of Haida I tried to scratch the RD medium filter. I tried a different filter, a coin and even my car key. I did not get a scratch.

Haida Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9) with Haida holder

Haida Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9) in the field

The Red Diamond series from Haida
The new series offers a complete filter system, perfect for all landscape photographers looking for high quality equipment. Various ND and gradient filters leave nothing to be desired.
All filters have the following attributes: Shock-Proof, Anti-Color-Cast, Scratch Proof Coating, Water Proof Coating, R5 Rounded Design and High Quality K9 Optical Glass.


My conclusion
In my opinion, the Haida RD Medium GND Filter belongs in the filter bag of every landscape photographer. It is part of a great new filter generation. The glass filters have no color cast, no reduction in sharpness, are absolutely stable & scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned.

Haida Polarizer + ND64 (1.8)

Haida Polarizer + ND64 (1.8)

+ Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9)

Haida Red Diamond Medium GND


Available size

100 x 150mm
150 x 170mm

Available stops
2 stops (0.6)
3 stops (0.9)
4 stops (1.2)


In Germany, the filters are available from late 2018 / early 2019.

More results with

Haida Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9)

Used cameras
Canon 5D Mark IV + Canon 5D Mark III


Used lenses

• Canon EF 16-35 mm 1:4 L IS USM

• Canon EF 70-200 mm 1:2.8 L IS II USM

• Venus LAOWA 12 mm 1:2.8 Zero D

Haida Polarizer + ND64 (1.8)

+ Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9)

Haida Polarizer

+ Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9)

Haida Polarizer + Red Diamond Medium Filter (0.9)